Affiliated Students

  Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate Research Assistant


LAura Nelson


Research Interests:

  • Motherhood at the intersection of substance use disorder and justice involvement
  • Gendered approaches to substance abuse treatment
  • Policy and barriers surrounding reentry for parents
  Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate Research Assistant

Lara Nagle


Research Interests: 

  • Natural resource planning and management
  • Ecosystem service markets
  • Sustainable and resilient communities


Senior Fellows: 

Don Back, Director of the Language and Culture Institute, Virginia Tech

Andy Morikawa, Executive Director Emeritus of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley (Virginia)

Minnis Ridenour,  Senior Fellow for Resource Development,  Virginia Tech

Edward Weisband, Edward S. Diggs Endowed Chair in the Social Sciences, Virginia Tech


George Still, Director of Assessment, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Martha Mead, President, StreamLines, LLC


Affiliated Faculty and Researchers

Affiliated Faculty:

Gary Kirk, Director SPIA Pathways Programs - Community Engagement, Virginia Tech

Katy Powell, Center for Rhetoric in Society/Department of English, Virginia Tech

Marcy Schnitzer, Assistant Provost for Diversity and Strategic Planning, Virginia Tech

Affiliated Researchers: 

Rachel Christensen, Coordinator Support Services SPIA, Virginia Tech

Lyusyena Kirakosyan, Affiliated Research Faculty, IPG, Virginia Tech

Suzanne Lo, Researcher, The Center for Child Health, University Hospitals  of Cleveland

Nancy White, Principal, One Robin, LLI