Beth Olberding received her Master’s Degree

Beth Olberding received her Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Tech on May 10, 2018. She successfully defended her thesis entitled “ REDD+and Costa Rica, another form of colonialism and commodification of natural resources?  An indigenous perspective” on May 9, 2018. Her advisory committee members included:  Chair, Max Stephenson (Professor of Public and International Affairs and Director of the Institute for Policy and Governance), Todd Schenk (Assistant Professor, Urban Affairs and Planning), and Nicholas Copeland (Assistant Professor, Sociology).  Beth is working at the Office of Economic Development this summer and finishing up a second Master’s degree in Natural Resources as she does so. As an alumna of the Peace Corps Master’s International Program in Costa Rica, Beth remains very interested in that nation and in South America more generally. She is planning an extended trip to the region this fall before pursuing professional opportunities. Best wishes Beth!