Community Engagement

Through various projects affiliated with VTIPG, we promote public participation in local governance and the broader community. We support communities in solving problems, communicating across differences, and developing tools of engagement and inclusivity.

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Community Change Collaborative

The Community Change Collaborative is a partnership of students, faculty and community representatives interested in exploring innovative approaches to community building and engagement. The group organizes a series of public talks and roundtable discussions by leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who share stories and insights about their creative leadership initiatives and innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Reentry Council

The NRV Reentry Council is a collaborative regional body made up of agency representatives and concerned citizens focused on facilitating the safe and successful transition of individuals leaving incarceration and rejoining the community.  VTIPG faculty support the reentry council through leadership, research, facilitation and participation.



Dialogue on Race

The dialogue on race works to bring people together to talk about race and to begin to address problems of inequality around education, pay, and employment opportunities.