Funding Opportunities

IPG supports faculty and students in the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) in seeking out funding opportunities, identifying potential sponsors and collaborators, organizing workshops and training on seeking sponsored research, and connecting community needs with faculty expertise.

PRoposal Development

The Institute supports SPIA faculty and students in developing successful proposals. This work includes:

  • Helping faculty develop timelines for submission;
  • Supporting engagement with the VT Office of Sponsored Programs;
  • Assisting in developing internal and external collaborators;
  • Aiding in project budget design and development;
  • Reviewing and monitor proposal requirements;
  • Facilitating mock reviews of proposals.

Project support

IPG works with SPIA to support funded projects through diverse means. These include: 

  • Connecting students and faculty for funded assistantships and fellowships; 
  • Supporting complex contract management;
  • Developing hiring processes for sponsored project staff and faculty;
  • Monitoring sponsored program expenditures; 
  • Supporting supply and other purchase needs;
  • Facilitating compliance with IRB policies;
  • Assisting with project logistics (such as setting up interviews, or other primary data collection processes, training programs and conferences)