Advancing the Human Condition Symposium

Several SPIA colleagues are participating this week in The Advancing the Human Condition Symposium, an Initiative of  Beyond Boundaries and The Equity and Social Disparity in the Human Condition Strategic Growth Area, November 28 - 30th and held in the Inn at VT. Max Stephenson is a discussant for the November 28th session (from 3:30 to 5:00) on Story Making as Cultural Work: Exploring Ontological Politics and Social Change in Communities of Struggle. Christian Matheis will be a panel member for the session, Interrogating what is meant by “Advancing the Human Condition” at 10:30 on November 29th. Sara Mattingly-Jordan will be a discussant for the panel Ethics and Engineering at 1:00 on the 29th. David Bieri, Ralph Hall, Max Stephenson and Christian Matheis will all participate in the session, The Beloved Community Initiative: Advancing the Human Condition through Inclusive, Sustainable Economics, 2:00 on the 30th. This session is organized jointly by the Beloved Community Initiative and the Policy Strategic Growth Area. There are many panels and promising discussions throughout both days.  Click here for the link to the schedule of events.