American Association of Geographers (AAG) 2018 Conference

American Association of Geographers annual conference, 10th to 14th April 2018, New Orleans. With the theme of the 2018 AAG conference being Black Geographies and Geographies of Struggle and the Association’s concern with engagement outside of its academy thresholds, we are seeking papers from academics and practitioners from across the geography, arts and community development disciplines and sectors to form a three-part whole-day session on these issues.

Session 1 will focus on practice-based research;

Session 2, on theory and its application in this regard

Session 3, on practice and practitioners.

We are seeking contributions from a global field from all settings; urban, suburban and rural. We are especially interested in contributions from practitioners and ‘non-academics’ and in directly including the community voice in the paper presentations. We aim to include both qualitative and quantitative research and project evaluations, as well as methodologies, and critiques of the same.

Those participating will also be invited to join a dialogue space throughout the conference (located centrally at conference), curated and programmed from session contributors (as available and willing) and from local arts, community development and activist organisations and communities of practice. A pre-conference tour of local organisations and practitioners is also to be programmed in this strand of activity.

Respondees to this CfP are invited to indicate if they would like to play a role in or have content to suggest/add to this wider programme. Please submit an abstract for consideration, of no more than 250 words, by 12 pm 5th November, to both and Successful applicants will be informed by 6th November for their timely registration to AAG 2017 by 8th November.

If you anticipate now that you are not able to make the conference registration deadline, we encourage you to submit an abstract anyway for our consideration as we aim to accommodate later registration.

We cannot offer funding for attendance at the conference at this time so responses to this CfP should be made on this basis, though some registration fees may be accommodated. For all information relating to the conference and its registrations deadlines (8th November 2017), please visit: