Call for Posters for the Advancing the Human Condition Symposium

Advancing the Human Condition Symposium will be held Nov 28-30 at the Inn at Virginia Tech.  There will be a post presentation on Wednesday, Nov 29th sponsored by the Office of Inclusion and Diversity and the Graduate School Office of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives. On the date of the conference (Thursday 11/29) posters must be ready and set up at the Smithfield Room, Inn at Virginia Tech by/before 8:30am and taken down by 12:30pm. Presenters should plan to be available, in attendance at the conference.

Proposals must include:

1) Cover sheet outlining the title of your presentation, and the following for each contributor - name, departmental/program affiliation, email address.

2) Abstract of your proposed poster - 200-275 words, title, and indication of the predicted stage of research by the date of the final presentation: formative, preliminary, in-progress, and completed, or some other relevant indicator.

 Submit proposals by email to Christian Matheis at no later than 5:00pm on Friday, November 10th.